Best Press - Linen Fresh - 16.9 oz

Best Press - Linen Fresh - 16.9 oz

There hadn’t been a new product for ironing in years - and I got so sick and tired of using aerosol starch! So now I’ve introduced Best Press, a clear, crisp spray starch with a lovely scent that makes ironing more enjoyable. It’s in a non-aerosol can, so it’s environmentally friendly and you can see how much is left, too.

With Best Press, there’s no flaking, clogging, or white residue on dark fabrics. A special stain shield protects fabrics, and the product helps resist wrinkles. Best of all, it’s more effective than any starch you’ve ever used. Try Best Press today- you will never go back to ironing with spray starch!


16.9 oz. spray bottle

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Linda Plantz
    I was given a bottle of this product as a gift. Why is the product so heavily scented? After using the product on one blouse, I was not able to wear the blouse again until I washed it. Because of the heavy scent, I am not able to use this product. For anyone sensitive to colognes and perfumes, don't use this.